About Me

My name is Bryan Zimmerman and a year and a half ago I absolutely HATED computers. I thought people who sit on them all day were lazy and really needed something better to do.  I don’t say this to be mean, I just want to show you just how much of a newbie I was a short while ago. In all honesty, I didn’t even have an email address until September 2008.

The only reason I’m even on the internet now is because I got scammed out of $5000.00 from a program called Ad Surf Daily (ASD). I’m sure some of you were either involved as well or you at least heard about it.  Pissed off to say the least, I was determined to get my money back out of the computer one way or another.

I started off slow to say the least. I joined a coaching program where I was supposed to watch the coach create a $100.00 a day profit from one campaign in 90 days.  Well, he made it about 54 days and then just disappeared. Long story short, I was forced to do a lot of research on my own as well as try and track down another program to follow.  I didn’t make my first dime online until about 3 months after I started.

Part of that was due to chasing the “newest shiny program” that claimed to show me the way. When all of that failed, I decided that I would take everything I have learned and create a plan for myself to follow. No matter what, I would stay focused on this plan for 30 days. If I still had not made any money consistently I was going to give it up.

What I found was that by following a plan, I was staying more focused which in turn was making me sales.  It’s then I realized what I was doing that I wasn’t doing before. I was following the fundamentals of internet marketing that are so often left out of these flashy programs.

Learning the fundamentals of anything you decide to do is an important part of being successful in anything. Why should this be any different? It’s not, but it sure isn’t shown that way.

For the last year, I have had amazing success and thought about how I could give back to others who are in the same position now that I was a year ago.  Thats when The Newbie University was started.