How To Make Money Blogging – Simple Tactics

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money BloggingLearning how to make money blogging is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online.  A blog is a sort of online journal so to speak where the author goes through the different things that are going on in their adventures in different areas. What makes blogs so effective is that other people who are interested in the same areas will often times find the blog and continue to come back and read it as new posts are made. There are a number of different ways you can monetize a blog to put some money in your pocket. You’ll find a number of simple tactics below.

How To Make Money Blogging – Simple Tactic #1

The best way in my opinion to make money blogging is to actually turn it into your journal. No matter if the content of the blog is how to make money online or how to get your relationship back together, if you are documenting what you are going through, people will naturally be interested in seeing how it turns out. Marketing is all about making an emotional connection and there’s no better way to create that connection than by letting people into your personal life.

As your group of followers grows, the word naturally gets spread as they begin to tell others about the great site they have found. The more readers you have the more you are able to monetize the site with things like affiliate links, your own products, display adds and Google Adsense.

How To Make Money Blogging – Simple Tactic #2

Another great way to make money blogging is to review products in a certain area. Let’s use the health industry as an example and we’ll look at all the different things you can review.

If you have a blog that is centered around “mens health”, you can review all kinds of products as an affiliate to make money. There is already a huge amount of interest in the topic as there are so many different things that men have to deal with health wise. You could write reviews around things like hair loss, nail fungus, belly fat, being over weight, warts, skin care, hair removal, performance enhancement, weight gain and many more.

Each one of those topics is a niche by it’s self and there are many sub-niches within them. Weight gain for instance has sub-niches such as gaining weight for football, gaining weight with a fast metabolism, gaining weight after cancer treatment, adding size to your chest and even getting six pack abs. Each one of those also has products that are directly related to those topics. So a blog about mens health could be huge with all the products you could review.  If you are serious about learning how to make money blogging, then think of building an authority site like this at some point.

With each post or page you create around a different topic within the niche, you have a good chance of getting traffic to it from the search engines. If you have a few hundred pages on it, you will be surprised how much traffic and money you can make.

How To Make Money Blogging – Simple Tactic #3

In my opinion, the grand daddy of all the how to make money blogging tactics there are is building a list and offering your own products.  By starting out as an affiliate, you will get to see which types of products are making you the most money. The key here is to notice that there are also many other products that are selling the exact same thing. When you find one that is working for you and selling well, it’s time that you create one of those products your self.

Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert in the field the product is on, there are plenty of people who are that you can easily outsource the product creation to. There is nothing more profitable than having your own products and selling them. It opens up so many more windows of opportunity for you.

How To Make Money Blogging – Simple Tactic #4

When you have readers who are regularly visiting your blog, it gives you a great opportunity to build a nice list of potential customers.  These leads can be added to a mailing list with a simple opt-in form placed strategically on your blog and can create a very nice income for you because of it.

The easiest way to do this is to have a nice funnel set up that when a lead opts-in, they are presented with a good combination of content and offers. The key is to find a good blend of both that will allow you to learn exactly how much each person that enters your funnel is worth. Obviously, if you have your own products mixed in the funnel and not just affiliate products, you are going to make more money.

The way you get a good solid number of what each person is worth is running a few hundred people through the entire funnel and seeing how much money you have made from it. If you put 1000 people into a funnel that is set up with 10 autoresponder messages, once each one of them has gone through, you take the amount of money you made and divide that by 1000. This will give you exactly how much money each person is worth that enters your funnel and will also give you the exact number of how much you can pay per lead.

How To Make Money Blogging – Simple Tactic #5

Being able to buy traffic is something everyone should eventually do because it’s the fastest way to get results. I don’t recommend anyone buying traffic until they have a good understanding of how a funnel is set up and have one that is turning a good profit. If you do buy traffic before you’re ready, it will wind up costing you a lot of money.  But when you get to the point where you are able to, you won’t have to worry about all the other stuff like search engine optimization, keyword research and content. If how to make money blogging is something that is high on your list of things you want to do, then get it to the point where you can buy traffic as soon as possible.

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