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Make Money Online

make money onlineYou would be surprised how many times I get asked the question “How would you make money online if you had to start over and didn’t have any of the products or contacts that you do now?”. I probably get that question about four or five times a week from different people. The thing is, not every single method is right for each person. There are lots of different methods that you can choose to use when you first start out. Here are just a few of the ways you can use to make money online. I’ll tell you my favorite at the end.

Make Money Online – Method #1

I’ve said this a million times, but I really believe that the fastest way to make money online is to start a service. If there is one thing that we all want a lot more of, it’s time. As marketers, there are just so many things that you want to get done and just not enough time to do them all.  There is always someone who is willing to pay you to do some of the things that they just don’t have the time to do.

Some of the best services to make money online are things like content creation, graphic design, search engine optimization, video creation, JV manager and a whole host of others.  You can very easily offer an article writing service and you would probably have quite a few customers right away. There are not a lot of good article writers out there that aren’t charging over twenty dollars per article. You won’t start at that price and get clients, but if you get a few articles under your belt and get some good feedback, you’ll not only get repeat customers but you will also be able to raise your prices fairly easily.

Once you have a good steady base of customers, you can then look at outsourcing the article writing to others for a lower price than what you are charging. If you get some good writers, you can now sit back and just collect money for being a “manager” so to speak. Services can be a little work to get up and running, but once you are rolling with one, they can be full fledged business for you. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online and also one of the most stable platforms to do it on.

Make Money Online Method #2

The method to make money online that I would put in second place is creating your own products. There are thousands of products that are bought and sold every single day online. Most people go right to being an affiliate when they first start trying to make money online because they are told it’s the easiest way to do it. The idea behind it might be easy, but when you are competing with a few thousand new people every day, it’s actually a little bit more competitive than people make it out to be.

Ask any business owner what they need to run a successful business and they’ll tell you it’s products and a steady flow of customers. So why would someone choose to be an affiliate first instead of just creating their own product? The truth is because that’s what most make money online courses are about it. Most of them teach you to be an affiliate one way or another for some type of product. Instead, create your own products and then leverage all the people who are just starting out to be your affiliate. These affiliates will then begin to bring you that steady flow of traffic that you are looking for when it comes to that flow of customers you need to run your business.

Understand that this is not going to happen overnight and you will need to do some work upfront to make it happen. Affiliates are not going to run to your door step the moment you put out a product. Many times you will have to go out and recruit them and then work to keep them. You of course want to make sure that you have an offer that converts and is something that is in a area that a lot of people are already spending money. A lot of people will tell you to pick something you are interested in to start with, but to me that could be leading you down the wrong trail. If there isn’t a massive amount of people who are already spending money in the topic that you choose, I don’t care how much you like the topic, it might not put any money in your pocket.  Even if it makes you a little bit of money, it won’t be enough to quit your day job on.

Start creating products right in the beginning. This will not only give you the experience to create more in the future but it also lets you control the entire sales funnel. That’s another thing that most people don’t take into consideration is sales funnel control. As an affiliate, all you do is drive potential customers to someone elses products. The thing is once they buy and you get your cut for being an affiliate, those people are now gone and you won’t ever see another dime from them most likely. The product owner on the other hand has multiple opportunities to make more money from them by selling them other products they own or affiliate offers. This is huge when it comes to having a stable business. You never want to let your customers go to someone else and not stay with you too. Having your own products is hands down one of the best ways to make money online.

Make Money Online Method #3

This method is my favorite method of them all for making money online and one that I think is the most solid as far as building a foundation for a business. The internet marketing term for it is called “list building”, but what you are really doing is laying an extremely solid foundation for a business. There are multiple ways you can go about list building and I cover some of those in other posts on this blog, but the main thing is just getting started. Having your own list is not only the most solid foundation to start your business, it’s one that you can make a lot of money online from in various ways.

You can offer your own products, affiliate products, you can get money from companies to send out emails just so they can get some geo target numbers and you can actually sell traffic to others looking to send their offers to your list. There are many other ways, but my favorite is being able to create products and then have the ability to instantly get a rush of traffic to an offer just by pushing a button. That’s about the only time you’ll ever hear me talk about push button money, but having a solid email list really is push button. However, don’t get it mixed up and think it’s easy because you have to put in a good amount of work first before you are able to have it easy that way. Building a list is something that you do over time because it definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

Many people think that because they aren’t getting one hundred opt-ins a day that list building is a waste of time. I always tell my students that once you start getting about 20-30 opt-ins per day, that’s when you really start to see the results in your bank account. If I lost everything tomorrow and had to choose only one method to get me back up and going, list building would be it because it really is the most stable way to make money online there is for the long haul.

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